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Free to play rewards games you love and win cash rewards for playing!
Konnecxn wants to change the way you earn, rewarding your love with MoneyAdda, not just virtual points.

We create fun, beautiful, free to play reward games with instant cash rewards. Go ahead and reward yourself!

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In this game you can add Daily Bonues Screen, referral Program

Join the millions of players who have won cash rewards with Match to Win!

MoneyAdda Spin

The user has 3 free attempts to spin the wheel for free for watching ads or spin the wheel for 25 coins.

The Lucky Wheel use the Facebook Rewarded video.

Insta Quiz

We have added 2 quizzes with many interesting questions.
User can play quizzes and earn money by answering the interesting questions. User reward depends on the number of correct answers.

Play Videos

This app includes videos offers from most profitable ad networks.

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Enjoy playing reward games with konnecxn rewards

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Who we are

Konnecxn Reward Apps was founded by a play-loving entrepreneur who believed playing should be rewarded. We have rounded up a team of top app development heroes and set out to change the face of casual rewarding.

Konnecxn wants to change the way you earn rewards, rewarding your love of the game with MoneyAdda, not just virtual points. It’s time to treat yourself!

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To delight gamers with cash rewards.

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